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A Tenda das Canditadas


Visual identity, digital design, website



The Candidates Tent is a social technology that trains feminist, anti-racist and human rights defender leaders, teaching them how to run electoral campaigns. In order to democratize politics and raise the voices of women leaders to fight against sexism, racism and LGBTphobia in Brazilian society.

After completing 2 years of activities, the need arose to update the visual narrative and create a space to concentrate content on training, campaigns, articles and project history. This is how the new website A Tenda das Candidatas appears.

šŸ† This project was recognized at the Brazilian Design Award (2023) with a bronze medal in the category - Digital Design

Creative direction and design: Tetiiz (Stephanie GonƧalves)
Web Development: Bruna Santos
Coordination and content A Tenda das Candidtas: Laura Astrolabio, Hannah Maruci

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