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Founded in 2018, Jungle Devs was born as a software development company, with the mission to rethink the way people learn and create technologies.

After almost 5 years of growth and development, the old brand no longer represented who they had become. And in this context, Superunion defined its new strategy, its new name and its new brand identity.

Olbers was the author of the theory of the non-static universe. From his name came Olby, a short and charismatic name that refers to the ideas of discovery and a world that is in constant movement, ready to be discovered.

Olby is dedicated to pushing its partners and customers to achieve what they want. A driving force that helps international careers achieve the best flight possible. Translating this concept, the brand's design features a diagonal in the letter L, which represents the “leap” that leads to new career opportunities. By using this resource with versatility, we created lines, masks and diagonal meshes, which combined with the color palette, generate a proprietary visual system, respecting the legacy of Jungle Devs, but taking it into Olby's future.


Office — Superunion BR
Creative Direction — Heitor Piffer
Executive Director — Marcelo Bicudo
Visual Identity — Willams Nunes, Gabriel Catte, Stephanie Gonçalves, Amanda Piva
Verbal Identity — Giulia Accorsi
Naming — Priscila Coral
Service — Aline Farkuh

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