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Visual identity



Amaparque, the extraordinary socio-environmental project led by the Government of the State of Amapá, Brazil, was created to improve the lives of the region's inhabitants and highlight Amapá as a sustainable tourist destination. Working with Phytostore Brasil, a pioneer in bioscience that uses cutting-edge technology to reduce the toxic effects of pollutants in nature, we created a brand and an identity for Amaparque – which takes us back to the source: water.

🏆 This project has already received recognition in the following awards:

-Latin American Design (LAD) - Branding/Logotype - Bronze 2023
- Design for a Better World Award 2023
- Brazilian Design Award (BDA) - Design with social impact - Bronze 2023

This project was with Design bridge and partners, for Phytorestore.

Office — Design bridge and partners BR
Design — Stephanie Gonçalves (TETIIZ), Nicole Rauen, Raquel Euzébio, Lucas Casertani Storai
Art direction — Stephanie Gonçalves (TETIIZ), Nicole Rauen, Raquel Euzébio, Lucas Casertani Storai
Creative Director — Heitor Piffer
Photography — João Marcos Rosa (NITRO), PG Santiago (Animatory)
Video and motion — Antonio Werneck, Gabriel Gonçalves
Service — Fernanda Dias, Vanessa Beltramim
Executive management — Marcelo Bicudo
Views/ Architecture — Super Limão
Client — Phytorestores Brasil

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